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Calico Docker container install
### Generate peer certificate
cfssl print-defaults csr > member1.json
Substitute CN and hosts values, for example:
"CN": "member1",
"hosts": [
Now we are ready to generate member1 certificate and private key:
cfssl gencert -ca=ca.pem -ca-key=ca-key.pem -config=ca-config.json -profile=peer member1.json | cfssljson -bare member1
Or without CSR json file:
echo '{"CN":"member1","hosts":[""],"key":{"algo":"rsa","size":2048}}' | cfssl gencert -ca=ca.pem -ca-key=ca-key.pem -config=ca-config.json -profile=peer -hostname=",ext.example.com,member1.local,member1" - | cfssljson -bare member1
You'll get following files:
Repeat these steps for each `etcd` member hostname.
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