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Обновить, etcd/etcd.conf.yml файлов

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# This is the configuration file for the etcd server.
# Human-readable name for this member.
name: 'etcd0'
# Path to the data directory.
# Path to the dedicated wal directory.
# Number of committed transactions to trigger a snapshot to disk.
snapshot-count: 10000
# Time (in milliseconds) of a heartbeat interval.
heartbeat-interval: 100
# Time (in milliseconds) for an election to timeout.
election-timeout: 1000
# Raise alarms when backend size exceeds the given quota. 0 means use the
# default quota.
quota-backend-bytes: 0
# List of comma separated URLs to listen on for peer traffic.
# List of comma separated URLs to listen on for client traffic.
# Maximum number of snapshot files to retain (0 is unlimited).
max-snapshots: 5
# Maximum number of wal files to retain (0 is unlimited).
max-wals: 5
# Comma-separated white list of origins for CORS (cross-origin resource sharing).
# List of this member's peer URLs to advertise to the rest of the cluster.
# The URLs needed to be a comma-separated list.
# List of this member's client URLs to advertise to the public.
# The URLs needed to be a comma-separated list.
# Discovery URL used to bootstrap the cluster.
# Valid values include 'exit', 'proxy'
discovery-fallback: 'proxy'
# HTTP proxy to use for traffic to discovery service.
# DNS domain used to bootstrap initial cluster.
# Initial cluster configuration for bootstrapping.
initial-cluster: etcd0=
# Initial cluster token for the etcd cluster during bootstrap.
initial-cluster-token: 'etcd-cluster'
# Initial cluster state ('new' or 'existing').
initial-cluster-state: 'new'
# Reject reconfiguration requests that would cause quorum loss.
strict-reconfig-check: false
# Accept etcd V2 client requests
enable-v2: true
# Enable runtime profiling data via HTTP server
enable-pprof: true
# Valid values include 'on', 'readonly', 'off'
proxy: 'off'
# Time (in milliseconds) an endpoint will be held in a failed state.
proxy-failure-wait: 5000
# Time (in milliseconds) of the endpoints refresh interval.
proxy-refresh-interval: 30000
# Time (in milliseconds) for a dial to timeout.
proxy-dial-timeout: 1000
# Time (in milliseconds) for a write to timeout.
proxy-write-timeout: 5000
# Time (in milliseconds) for a read to timeout.
proxy-read-timeout: 0
cert-file: /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/member1.pem
key-file: /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/member1-key.pem
client-cert-auth: true
trusted-ca-file: /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/ca.pem
auto-tls: false
cert-file: /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/server.pem
key-file: /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/server-key.pem
client-cert-auth: true
trusted-ca-file: /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/ca.pem
auto-tls: false
# Enable debug-level logging for etcd.
# debug: false
# logger: zap
# Specify 'stdout' or 'stderr' to skip journald logging even when running under systemd.
# log-outputs: [stderr]
# Force to create a new one member cluster.
# force-new-cluster: false
# auto-compaction-mode: periodic
# auto-compaction-retention: "1"
......@@ -54,9 +54,14 @@ etcdctl version
nohup etcd --config-file etcd.conf.yml&
etcdctl member list
etcdctl --ca-file /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/ca.pem --cert-file /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/member1.pem --key-file /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/member1-key.pem cluster-health
etcdctl --ca-file /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/ca.pem --cert-file /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/member1.pem --key-file /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/member1-key.pem member list
## Generate peer certificate
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